April 15: Day of mobilization for democracy in Brazil

Alba Movimientos
2016-04-15 15:00:00

A call for continental demonstrations at Brazilian Embassies in support of the mobilisations in Brazil this April 15, against the coup and in defence of democracy, against hatred, intolerance and violence against those engaged in peoples’ struggles and assassinations of the landless.


#NãoVaiTerGolpe   #VaiTerLuta  #BrasilPelaDemocracia
(There will be no coup / There will be struggle / Brasil for democracy)


Comrades, brothers and sisters of the Continental Coordinator of Social Movements for ALBA, and other movements and groups and committees of solidarity with the people of Brazil.


The recent events in our sister country of Brazil, and the attempts at internal destabilization in the framework of the process of impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, are part of a move orchestrated by the right as an attempt against democratic and constitutional order in this nation that faces a veritable Coup d'État.


On April 15, there will be demonstrations in all of Brazil against the coup and for democracy. Much is at risk and we cannot see these events as isolated facts.


We are facing an imperial and fascist offensive in the whole Continent, which is manifest in subtle ways, up to direct actions against governments and popular political leaders, economic war, rigged political and judicial processes, a media war manipulating public opinion, even including persecution and assassinations to spread fear and attempts to silence the voices of our peoples.


In the face of this situation, we must unite and mobilize in a continental struggle, so that the force of the people becomes a fist in the faces of those who attempt to attack us.


Therefore, ALBA Movements is calling upon all to initiate a day of struggle in the whole Continent. It is very important, from different countries, to accompany the Brazilian people by demonstrating in front of the Brazilian Embassies in each of our countries, denouncing the coup and defending democracy.


The recent news of assassination of popular militants and landless Campesinos in Brazil, by police and hired assassins, reflects practices that are already systematic in Our American Continent, and we cannot allow that these crimes to go unpunished. 


Let’s go into the streets! Let’s defend our rights to justice and democracy!

Sao Paulo, Brazil. April 8, 2016.



Operational Secretariat

ALBA Movimientos